At This Difficult Times

In this pandemic we all seem to be experiencing the same moment around the world. Doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter from where I belong we all are in same fear and anxiety. We’re at a time where all can do is hope and pray, it’s time to see power of hope and faith, a hope for the greater good, a faith we all believe in.

However, this temporary paused allowed us to dig deeper into who we are as a person and reminds us of the many things we capable of accomplishing. It’s time to appreciate people who live with us, thankful for the things we have to survive and respect everyone. Social distancing does not mean disconnection, it’s a great time to connect virtually with people. By talking things out, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to understand where your feelings are coming from and how you can best face them. 

This time has taught us that everything around us is so just temporary. Life can take a turn at any point but this time it has for all of us together. Remember that things won’t always be like this. Whatever technique works to slow and calm your mind down, is a good technique.

It’s time to teach our kids how we all humans are connected and we all are same.

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