The Journey Begins

Photographed taken by me for my blog

My name is Sharmeen, I am full time mommy, a wife, part time photographer, a dreamer and a newbie in this writing world. A women with lots of dreams.

Born in Pakistan, currently living in Virginia US with my little family, my husband and a 4-year-old son who is hyper, active and spoiled. I am at that stage of my life where i keep myself out of arguments even if you tell me 1+1=5 you are absolutely correct, Enjoy!!

Living in US over the years made my life changed in so many ways. There is so much struggle and hard work behind this journey till today. we had seen highs and many lows filled with compromises and sacrifices but I am happy it made us stronger every day. I am gonna talk about more on our journey in some other blog in detail.

My blog is very casual it’s about daily life thoughts and some motivations, what I have learned over the years, what are the things which have changed my lifestyle. As a stay home mom is difficult sometimes to keep yourself motivated, as you get no time for yourself. But couple years ago I realized if I don’t keep my self-going, I cannot keep my family healthy and happy. So, it’s important to take out some time from routine life only for yourself.

keeping that in my mind I started my own photography brand a year ago name Glitters PhotoGraphy. I took randoms photographs of views near my house or skies, trees, lakes if i don’t find anything so i take my son photographs. when people started contacting me for shoots, I felt excited because taking photos is my favorite thing to do. As some professional photographers whom I contacted to get the feedback said I have good camera skills ( felt so proud of myself ). I have never done any professional courses I just know the sense of colors, distance and whatever looks good on my screen. I still remember the time when I bought my first digital camera from my own earned money 10 years ago, while working part time during my college days. I have been always affiliated with cameras and pictures in my life. I believe a photograph is the pause button of life.

I took this photograph in Dec 2017 at Carolina Beach . North Carolina

Now Writing is becoming another source of happiness and me time. I am not an expert here and maybe you don’t find perfect writing skills on my blog but would love to share my views as a common person and my thoughts for the people who came here on my blog to read and get nothing but a little inspiration. As you all know being a mom is tough job and your brain doesn’t work all the time. But will try to write as good as i can. My goal is to make everything grow around me including myself.

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